The mission and values promoted by the HAYABUSA club.

The mission of OUR CLUB is to promote discipline, concentration, and spread physical culture, self-improvement, self-defense, and cooperation.

In the Shorin-Ryu Karate club, our mission is our guide and inspiration. We strive for every club member to benefit from karate training not only on a physical level but also mentally and spiritually. We desire for our students to become stronger both internally and externally and to acquire skills that will be meaningful outside the our club.

We aim to create a strong, committed karate community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals, develop themselves, and find joy in the practice of martial arts. Through discipline, concentration and promoting physical culture, self-development, self-defense, and cooperation, we seek to have a positive influence on the lives of our members and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves.


In our club, we strive to provide students with a profound understanding of discipline as a key element in their training. Through strict guidelines and a rigorous program, we teach our members self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for others. 

Through regular training and challenges, we teach them consistency and dedication, which lead to progress in their karate skills, ultimately strengthening their self-discipline.


Concentration is a crucial aspect in our club. We teach our students how to focus on a single task and utilize full potential of their minds and bodies. Through breathing techniques, meditation, and attention to detail, we develop their ability to concentrate in stressful situations, both on the training mat and beyond.

The skill of concentration is highly valuable for effectively performing various tasks in work and leisure.


Self-development is closely tied to our mission. In the Shorin-Ryu Karate club, we emphasize the individual growth of our members. We provide them with the opportunity for continuous development in karate skills, improving their technical abilities, and attaining new levels of mastery.

Self-defense is a key element of training in our club. We teach our members effective defensive techniques that they can apply in dangerous situations. We focus on building self-confidence, the ability to assess conflict situations and quickly respond to them.

Promotion of Physical Culture

Promoting physical culture is another important aspect of our mission. We aim to encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among our members and the local community. Through consistent karate training, we inspire people to take care of their bodies, improve physical fitness, and build strength and flexibility.

We organize demonstrations, performances, and open training sessions to introduce people to karate and encourage them to join our club. We want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of regular physical activity and martial arts practice.


Cooperation is the foundation of our community. We place great emphasis on building healthy relations among club members. We teach our students the value of teamwork, mutual support, and respect for others. Through group trainings and shared goals, we develop the ability to cooperate and build a strong karate community where everyone feels appreciated and motivated to achieve success together.

At UKS HAYABUSA, we understand that cooperation is the key to growth and development. That's why we organize group training sessions, workshops, and events that enable our members to work with other martial arts enthusiasts. Learning from each other, sharing experiences, and collectively honing skills are essential elements of our mission.