What are the message and goals of UKS Hayabusa?

The mission of OUR CLUB is to promote discipline, concentration, and the spread of physical culture, self-development, self-defense, and cooperation.

In our club, we strive to provide students with a deep understanding of discipline as a key element in their training. Through strict guidelines and a rigorous program, we teach our members self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for others. Through regular training and challenges, we teach them consistency and dedication, which leads to progress in karate skills. 

Promoting discipline

Promoting discipline

In our club, we strive to provide students with a profound understanding of discipline as a key element of training.



Concentration and focus are crucial in karate, which translates into better concentration skills in everyday life.

Physical Culture

Physical Culture

Training karate regularly improves fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.



You will gain new friends and experience community and support in the karate school.

What does UKS Hayabusa offer?


The oldest karate style

Karate Shorin Ryu

Karate is a martial art originating from Okinawa, based on kata and their interpretations. 

This ancient art has its roots in the culture of the Okinawans of the largest island in the Ryukyu Archipelago. Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate is the oldest style of karate, often attributed the title of "Honto No Te Wa Shuri-Te Dake Da" - "The only true TE is Shuri-Te." Sokon "Bushi" Matsumura, the chief bodyguard of the Ryukyu kings, is the founder of this style, which he named Shuri Te. His famous student was Anko Itosu, a karate modernizer who ultimately shaped this style.

Okinawan Weapon System

Okinawa kobudo

Kobudo is an ancient martial art of weapon fighting originating from Okinawa. Its foundation lies in kata and their interpretations, passed down in a traditional manner. 

Kobudo has deep roots in Okinawa and is most effectively taught by native Okinawans. Particularly significant is the Matayoshi family's Okinawa Kobudo, founded by Shinchin Matayoshi. Successive masters, Shingi, Shintoku, and Shinko, contributed to the development of this style. However, it was Shinpo Matayoshi, the son of Shinko, who widely popularized Kobudo on the international stage. Thanks to him, Kobudo became a respected martial art worldwide.

Our Training Place


A dojo is a traditional place for martial arts training, including Shorin Ryu Karate. 

The dojo is where we perfect our fighting techniques while developing traits of character such as patience, discipline, and humility. The dojo is an integral part of shaping the mind and character, making it a unique place in the world of martial arts.


Training conditions and equipment

We train in our own dojo equipped with a special mat, mirrors, bags, and training shields. The hall is equipped with traditional makiwara boards. Additionally, we have modern training equipment such as resistance bands, kettlebells, free weights, dumbbells, etc. Furthermore, the dojo is equipped with basic weapons for Kobudo training.

Knowledge Base

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Kobudo is a martial arts discipline that focuses on the skill of using traditional everyday objects from Okinawa, transformed into weapons.

Aleksander Staniszew: The Beginning of Karate in Poland

Aleksander Staniszew is an exceptional figure in the history of karate in Poland. His contribution to the development of this martial art in our country is invaluable.

Shorin-ryu karate

Shorin-ryu is a traditional style of karate that originates from Okinawa, specifically from the Shuri region.